Ultra Deep Freezers:


                                       The ULTRA LOW DEEP FREEZERS generally have both horizontal and vertical type. Within the chambers are generally divided into more than one order of the material layer on each floor are designed to independently switch inside the door. The outside is generally directly with each other by five cold-rolled steel mosaic. The inside and outside each 60 mm and 80 mm Poly ammonia fat foam composition. Thermostat for platinum resistance sensor for accurate temperature control. The refrigerant is now generally using the environmentally friendly refrigerant to meet environmental protection requirements.

The refrigeration system of the ultra-freezers basic cascade refrigeration principle, the choice of two hermetic compressors as high, the compressor of the cryogenic stage.
Copper tube of the cryogenic stage evaporator plate attached directly to the coil form the outside of the inner chamber, and the thermal conductivity of clay fill plugging the gap between the coil and the tank wall, to increase the heat exchange effect. Condensate evaporator shell and tube structure, the internal four threaded copper tube using a counter current heat exchange.




Salient Features: 

Temperature Range: -70°C To 100°C

Media                     : Water/Brine

2. Ultra Air Chiller (-80°C):

Salient Features: 

Cooling Capacity                         : 09 KW/3 Port

Power                                           : 440 VAC_3 PNE/ 7 KW

Controller Type                            : Microprocessor Based PLC

Cooling Type                                : Pressurized Air Flow

Defrost                                          : Manual ON/ auto re-start

Safety Alarm                                 : High Pressure, Over Current Phase Failure,

                                                        Over/Under Voltage, Defrost.

Safety Device                                : MCB, OLR, Emergency Stop Switch


Salient Features: 

Evaporator Drum.

Ice Skates

Refrigeration Unit

Microcomputer Intelligent Control

4. Temperature/Humidity Chamber:

Salient Features: 

Temperature Range          : -70ºC To 180ºC

Humidity Range               : 25% RH To 98% RH