Title of the document Gemini Shreewas (Engineers) Pvt. Ltd.
Heating And Air Conditioning Repair

Any system requires periodical maintenance and service to keep it to the maximum efficiency, otherwise the deterioration is much faster and the ultimatum is the end of life.

Gemini Shreewas is committed to maintain the health of the system by Periodical and Preventive maintenance . We have well trained Engineers, strong inventory with updated service tools for the routine servicing of the system. It is needless to say that such Preventive maintenance prevents the break downs and loss of production.

We have tied up with our Associates at important Cities in India to attend to the break down calls immediately and they shall be attending to regular and routine maintenance.

Revamping & Maintenance

Air Conditioner Maintenance

As the production and consumption of CFC refrigerant like R-22 is banned from 2020, in India. The existing CFC(R-22) system is to be converted into Non-CFC system.

The refrigerant R-22 may not be available in open market in 2020. Hence the existing customers of R-22 will be in emergency in 2020 to get the system converted to Non-CFC system.

We undertake conversion of the system with efficiency.

Energy Audit

Air Conditioner EFFICIENCY

The usage of reciprocating compressors have also been replaced by screw compressors, which are more efficient, with less power, and maintenance cost.

Hence the cost of investment on screw compressors can be recovered in a period of 3 years, by saving in power and maintenance.

We also do Energy Audit and will suggest and implement the various ways of saving energy for each equipment.

For example, all the Air conditioning system are designed for the peak summer and for day time, which exists only for few hours in a year.

Most of the time during night, the design parameter of ambient is far less. Hence the system supplied by us will work exactly based on the load available at that time.

  • This will save 20% of power in addition to the power saving in conversion of the out dated compressor to the latest compressor.